I’m baaaaaaaaaaaack


From a pretty packed “vacation.”   I just returned from a week long tour of Luxor and Aswan, the sites of some pretty amazing ancient Egyptian Temples.  Ancient Egyptians were amazing.  It’s surreal to look and touch these fixtures that were built thousands of years ago.

As usual, I got sick… battled really bad allergies for much of the trip (Southern Egypt is at a much higher elevation than Northern Egypt).  I then caught a stomach bug the morning of my return to Alexandria. Thank God none of this impeded my ability to enter any of the temples.  I won’t lie, near the end, they all started to look alike… ingenuity can go but so far eh?  Nonetheless, a fabulous experience.

I guess the one thing that struck me though, was how unlike me Southern Eyptians look.  All I kept hearing from people from Alexandria is that Southern Egyptians, and Nubians in particular look like me…. WRONG!  I remember sitting on the train looking out the window for the color gradiation to change… it didn’t really happen.  In general the south has more people who would be considered black in the US  but I’ve seen plenty of those in Alexandria as well.  Overall, I am happy that I got to see the South, but don’t think  would be happier living there.

Despite being far cleaner (Alexandria and Cairo from what I have seen can at times look more like landfills than cities, people literally throw trash donde le pegan la gana— wherever they darn well please— it’s saddening and maddening)  and despite being able to mix in a little more, and despite not facing as much street harassment, I couldn’t wait to get home… to Alex that is.  There is much that I need to get done in the coming semester, and I want to get started with it already.

I know I’m supposed to be writing all my entries in Arabic, but I think I will just alternate between English and Arabic language entries for now and that will suffice.

Here are a few pictures:

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