On Blogging and Anonymity


I started blogging because I was in Yemen, bored out of my mind, and wanted to reflect on what I was seeing and feeling. Well that and I wanted to let some of my friends know about what I was experiencing and thinking about various issues. (not that my perspective was a surprise to any of you)


But I feel like the more I’ve done it, the more I have found myself censoring what I write, what events I relay and how I relay them. Good thing? (Well just in case I want to hold public office someday, perhaps).  But at the same time, it feels a bit weird.


I’m tired of self-censorship.  I don’t feel like I have full anonymity (and of course I don’t since I gave about 10 people the link to the blog in the first place )  but now I sometimes wish that I had it. 


There are chapters of my life and aspects of my own intellectual and spiritual development that I want to write about, want to hash out, but this space, my little piece of cyber space is not the zone to do it… or is it?  


I have no character damning skeletons, but I would rather that people that I know in a face to face fashion and read this blog or those that I know in a face to face fashion that might stumble upon it put the pieces together (despite the sometimes vague and purposefully slightly misleading ones) And figure out that its me, not know ALL of me.

At least not until my tell-all memoir comes out…lol…


Seriously there are things that I need to make sense of before I let others know about them. 


At any rate, all this is to say that there will be some password protected entries from time to time. 


That is if I can figure out how to do that on wordpress.