On Thanksgiving Day


Today was a good day.  I have been depressed and repressed lately, but I think I have been able to make peace and let go of a lot issues that I once had.  I haven’t been as thankful as I  should have, focusing on the bummers of life rather than the other stuff.  BUt Alhamdullilah, God broke me out of that.

My mom is always happy for the “small things in life”  she says we should always be greatful to God, even when  he causes someone to smile at you who usually smiles at you.  Good advice, but I have to admit, sometimes its sooo hard to keep.

at any rate,

Someone who practically spit in my face over the years, someone who made me feel lower than low (and went out of their way to do it, trust me I am not imagining things here), someone who had shown me nothing but contempt, has done a complete 180.
At the end of the night they actually hugged me and said “I love you.”

What a difference 15 years makes or maybe its been less time than that since the change happened as I have long since avoided them like the plague!!!!!!….lol.

Wow, that changed me and my view of them.  It’s funny when someone who had terrorized my life, is all of a sudden giving me accolades, joking with me (and not in their usual, mean-spirited way), no snide remarks.
It’s indeed something to to be thankful for 🙂