Wicked: The Musical


I saw Wicked (fyi, the trailer was not the cast that I saw, frankly I think they were better)  tonight and it was good, especially considering that I am not a theater buff.

If you ever get the chance to see it, please do 🙂

A few things annoyed me though:

1. Even though all the actors had British accents, the Wizard of Oz’s had a southern, American accent and his gestures hinted at a certain unpopular American president.  This seemed weird to me at least.  A subtle but pointed jab at the American establishment.

2. The flying monkey dance sequence– felt like coonery to me.  Maybe I am being hypersensitive, but the whole jungle “ooh, ooh, aahh, snakes and drums and then their coreography all looked like the crap they tried to pass off as “traditional African (because Africa is a monolithic country)  dance back in high school and college.

am I going too deep, I guess I would have to compare it to an American production to be more certain.

Aside from this, I must say, I enjoyed the take on the Wizard of Oz story and have actually wanted to watch Wicked for some time now and am happy that I did.  (nothing is perfect, right… besides, I Looooved the Wizard of Oz growing up).

and the ending was awesome too 🙂