Driving in Egypt: Proceed with Caution


I knew that drivers here were going to be a lot less, um… respectful of traffic rules before coming.  I saw the this infamous photo of what I thought was a very disorganized parking lot, but turned out to be an actually city street in Cairo!

Alexandria is not as congested, but it’s still pretty bad.   One of my class mates was literally hit by a car before the holidays.  Alhamdullilah he is ok, some issues with his leg that will Inshallah be resolved before long but that’s it.  We always joked about how crossin the streets here is dangerous for your health, and it’s not a surprise that someone got hit.

Crosswalks are seldom obeyed.  You literally just have to get out there, say a prayer and hope for the best. I guess i have acclimated to this way of doing things, becuase when i tried to cross the streets while in London, I was really surprised that my cousing would wait until the street was completely clear.  if you do that in Egypt, you will never get where you need to go.   I’ll show you why:

Exibit A:

this street doesn't look so bad, right? Well, remember that you have to cross all those lanes without traffic lights or a pedestrian crossing... good luck!

Now let’s have a look at Exhibit B:

Don't know if this is clear from this photo, but there are no clearly defined lanes... i.e. people drive, swerve and zig zig as they please and many a times without signalling